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Compatible with Apple App Store and Google Play Store





10+ Billion

impressions per day




Pipernet believes in strong partnerships that are built on trust and transparency. Our customized performance marketing campaigns allow you to easily connect to our various exclusive mobile media channels to maximize your ROI.

Full Transparency

Impression Tracker

White- & Blacklisting

50+ Targeting Options

In-house bidder

No traffic rebrokering

2 way API integrations

Dedicated Account Manager

What We Offer

Fully-Managed or Self-Service

Our team can manage your programmatic buying for you, or you can utilize our self-service option. You decide what’s best for your needs.

Prevent wasteful ad spend and beat fraudsters at their game, no matter how sophisticated their tactics.
Data can be provided on both click and impression level; including app name, app id, device id, and creative details.
Ensure your ads are seen by real people and optimize their viewability beyond IAB standards.
All campaigns facilitate whitelists and blacklists for including/excluding certain sources and apps.
Protect your brand from inappropriate placements by knowing where your ad really appeared.
Create custom targeting for specific locations (city, region, country), OS version, device id, source id, browsers, device brand, etc.